Marigold is a dynamic and collaborative company, established by Gabriel Alfour in November 2020, focused on testing and developing upgrades to the Tezos Protocol. After working on testing and benchmarking the existing protocol code at Nomadic Labs, Gabriel founded a new company around the LIGO programming language. Then, wanting to improve the performance of the Tezos blockchain, he assembled a developer team and founded Marigold. Fully remote, skill-oriented, specializing in functional programming, ability to understand Tezos code in a flat organization, members of the team pursue Marigold missions :

  • Tezos feature development: view, cache, baking account, global table of constants.
  • Tezos testing: benchmark, testing framework.
  • Layer 2 for Tezos: Sidechains and Optimistic roll-ups.

Marigold is dedicated to Tezos’ efficiency and is constantly working on technical contributions. Doing so, it is fully-integrated in the Tezos ecosystem.


Core to its operation mode, Marigold maintains a prolific partnership with the Nomadic Labs team in improving the Tezos protocol. Cooperation and reinforcement of each company's strengths are key to making Tezos successful. Marigold’s team integrates best practices when maintaining and upgrading the protocol code base. We welcome new ideas, projects and organizations contributing to Tezos’ evolution.


In the same spirit, Marigold is always looking for new talent and is currently hiring. Our ambition is to establish a 20 to 25 people team, working fully-remote in OCaml (and in English), with a generous compensation package. Please send your application to contact [at] marigold [dot] dev